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The Last Oil Well is a contemporary Gallery focused on providing a platform for the creative scene in Bahrain while maintaining a presence as one of the only commercial galleries in Bahrain. We are a dedicated team of consultants, advisors, curators and designers who offer workshops and artist development including management, PR and communication services. We also direct and produce exhibitions for Bahraini artists abroad. We provide visibility and development for artists in all stages of their careers; Emerging, Mid-career and Established Artists. With over ten years’ experience in the art sector, Last Oil Well collaborates with local and regional curators and artists to shed light on the creative sector in Bahrain.


Abbas Yousif @abbasyusuf

Ali Hussain Merza @ali4art

Jabbar Al Ghadban @jabbar1953

Lobna Al Amin @lobnaalamin_art

Huda Al Saie @artofhuda

Arnaud Rothfuss @rn2on

Marianne Pasmans @Mitzi_pasmans

Elissar Nooh @elissarhaikalnooh

Hana Tawfeeqi @art.hanat

Jalal Alarrayed @jalalalarrayed

Jenine Sharabi @jeninesharabi

Jess Tejeda @artteacher_jes

Loredana Montello @loredanamontello_art

Mahmood Mohammed @mims_art

Mohamed Al Abbasi

Mai Al Khaabi @artisticmai

Noof Alrefaei @noowood

Mohamed Taqi

Omer Elkanzie @kanzium

Ali Al Sumaikh @ali_artist

Patrick Molony Harris @patrickmolonyharris

Valentin Korzhov

Nader Al Abbasi @nader_alabbasi

Eskander Diwani @iskander.dawani

Wedad Al Bakr @artwed

Hasan Al Sari @alsaariart

Giuse Maggi @giusemaggiglass

Zainab Alaali @vintagexart 

Mohamed Alkhalifa @moalkhalifaart

Mustafa Halwatchi @mustafahalwachi

Micaela Lara @aralbylara

Abdullah Rahhal @zeyex.ed

Christine Henry @christinejanehenry

Group Exhibition- Grand Opening, 2021